How To Print Several Pages On One Sheet Of Paper

You can use the psnup utility from the psutils package to print several pages of one Postscript file to the same sheet of paper.


  • psnup -2
    Print two pages from per page. Save the output to
  • psnup -4
    Print four pages from per page. Save the output to

There's also a pdfnup utility in the pdfjam package which can do the same thing with PDFs.


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Your Tips and Tricks

This the fourth or fifth thing that I was wishing I could
do and here it is in your tips and tricks.
One of the other big things was on the fly disk
encryption and you showed how to do that
too. Within 20 minutes I had it working
and was encrypting away (surprisingly fast).

Your web sites and blogs are among the all
time best I have ever visited and I must
give my most profound thanks.

Viva Debian!

Citizen Jimserac
James Pannozzi

How to print one page on several pages?

Is there also such a tool available to zoom one page on several pages?

For example when I use Freemind to do mind mapping I often get such big maps, that they don't fit on one DIN A4 page. Unfortunately the program can only print to one page. In such a case, I would like to zoom this page to be printed on 4 pages, so I get for example DIN A2.

Package: poster Status:

Package: poster
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: text
Installed-Size: 84
Maintainer: Peter S Galbraith
Version: 20020830-2
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.1-1), libpaper1
Description: Create large posters out of PostScript pages
Poster takes a one-page PostScript file and scales it to a specified
size. It can tile the resulting image into multiple smaller pages
that can be pasted together to form the big poster. Poster prefers
EPS as its input although freer forms of PostScript are also


i want to print a family photo onto say 9 a4 pages and put them on a wall as a poster.
i think it can be done but how?



Freemind printing

Hi, which program do you use to print? IIRC the printing program should split any large files to multiple pages automatically (I know kprinter did that once for me)... Can you export to ps/pdf and try printing that?


How to print a graphic on mutiple pages

I don't know such a program, but if you have the data to be printed as a graphics file, you can drop that graphic into an Excel Worksheet or an StarOffice/OpenOffice CalcSheet and print it from there onto several pages.