Command-line OpenGL rendering using PyOpenGL and/or OpenGLContext

I noticed that there have been quite a few Python related posts on Planet Debian lately. Here's mine.

I'm having a really hard time trying to find a good solution for rendering an OpenGL scene (e.g. from a VRML file) using PyOpenGL and/or OpenGLContext in the command line. All solutions I tried so far pop up an X11-window, which is not what I'm looking for. Instead I want to render the scene and dump it to PNG/JPG without requiring an X11 server.

Can this be done with PyOpenGL/OpenGLContext? I could probably try to use xvfb, but that's really an ugly hack. Besides the images I get using xvfb are somewhat broken, not sure why (does xvfb support OpenGL?).

Any hints are appreciated.

Watch the stars with Stellarium

Stellarium screenshot

It's late at night, so what else could I do than watch the stars? Of course, as I am such a moron geek, I don't just look out of the window — I use GPL'd software to watch the stars.

apt-get install stellarium

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