Special Promo: Rob Costlow sells one of his pianos

Rob Costlow's Piano

Hello and welcome to this special edition of Uwe Hermann's Music Podcast.

Rob Costlow has asked me to play this special promo in which he tells us that he is selling one of his pianos on ebay. The famous C. C. Chapman from the Accident Hash podcast (who also creates the great U-Turn Cafe podcast) was kind enough to talk about all the details in this promo.

Basically, the piano is up on ebay (the auction ends October 20) and bidders from the US are preferred, but if the bids go high enough, it can also be shipped to places outside the US. For more information read this blog entry. For example, Rob will donate parts of the money to charities, and sign a few of his CDs for you.

I'm really happy to play this promo on my podcast, as I really like Rob's music and he actually was the one who sparked my interest in podcasting (that's why his song "Bliss" was the first one on this podcast).

Enough talking. Now go and buy some piano ;-)

Song: Rob Costlow - Special Piano Selling Promo (tm) (2:40 min, 2.5 MB)
License: CC-nc-sa 1.0
Source: robcostlow.blogspot.com

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