iPod as RSS reader?

I noticed iFeedPod, which seems to be an RSS Reader for the iPod. It sounds like it syncs the feed items from your computer to the iPod for "offline" reading. I really like the idea, but the implementation is Mac-only and only free as in beer (not free as in speech) as far as I can tell.

Does anybody know of a similar software which runs on Linux and is Free Software? Do I have to implement it from scratch?

Stuff Roundup

Here's a bunch of smaller updates which probably don't warrant extra blog posts, but might be interesting nevertheless:

  • On the right-hand side of my homepage you now have three new blocks which should simplify site navigation. Each contains a weighted list of tags (tag clouds) for my blog, my podcast, and my photoblog, powered by Drupal's tagadelic module. Of course, the "traditional" navigation menu is still there.
  • There's also an RSS feed for comments on this site now, courtesy to Drupal's Comment RSS module.
  • On the lower left-hand side of my homepage, there's another new block. It shows where the visitors of my site come from in (almost) realtime. This is a service provided by MapStats (I already talked about it earlier).
  • I have uploaded updated versions of my bashrc, vimrc, and muttrc config files.
  • My podcast is now listed in iTunes (thanks Daniel Reutter for adding it). You can subscribe by clicking on this button: Subscribe to my podcast in iTunes!. The amount of people who subscribe to my podcast have almost doubled, figures went up from 30 subscribers to more than 50 today! If you're reading this and subscribed through iTunes: thanks ;)
  • My video iPod will (probably) be shipped on October 31, and it'll take a few more days until it arrives. Arghh, /me wants it now!

Unsubscribing from mailing lists and RSS feeds

Frederico Oliveira talks about some interesting issues regarding the information overload most of us are experiencing. He unsubscribed from several RSS feeds in order to cut down the mass of information.

I'm goint to do the same thing, too. My first step was to reduce the amount of daily email, though. I have just finished unsubscribing from 16 mailing lists which I don't really read very often (this automatically reduces the amount of spam I get, too). I'm left with ca. 80 mailing lists now. I'll probably remove some more and concentrate on those which I really need and/or read regularly.

The next step is to unsubscribe from several RSS feeds, but that's not that much of an issue. I find tracking RSS feeds easier and more manageable than tracking mailinglists (not sure why). For the statistics freaks, I currently subscribe to ca. 320 feeds, but I read way more of them regularly than I do with mailing lists...

Photo Friday and

Autumn Leaf
Five Buttons

I recently blogged about my crappy photoblog which I populate with pictures from my crappy digital still camera.

On friday I stumbled over Photo Friday (heh), a nice site which posts a photo assignment every friday. Everyone is invited to submit photos which interpret the given theme. People can then vote on the submissions and six of them are finally listed as "noteworthy".

This weeks challenge is "Five". I actually took a photo of five buttons in an elevator in order to submit it, but then decided that I like this image of a leave better.

Oh, and I'm now listed on, but unfortunately I entered the RSS feed of my photoblog there instead of just the URL. I registered with the site, claimed my photoblog and all, but I cannot change that #!&%* URL there. That has to be done manually by the admin(s) and even though I requested the change days ago (on the site and via email) there's still no response. Sigh...

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