Tagging art

Interesting idea: create art (poems, haikus, fiction, ...) using tags from social tagging sites like, flickr, or technorati. A first example is available on flickr: an event invitation using tags.

(via The Social Software Weblog) - The First Blook?

The blogosphere seems to be generating new buzzwords at an amazing rate — we know (at least some of) the following: blogs, cyborglogs, photoblogs, travelblogs, warblogs, soldierblogs, litblogs, moblogs, vlogs, blawgs, splogs, shocklogs, mp3blogs, and a couple more which I might have missed.

Today, I stumbled over the latest hype — blooks (blog + book).

Tom Evslin recently started, a book whose chapters will be published one by one in the form of blog posts. Readers can subscribe to the blook via RSS... The plot is a murder mystery set in the dot-com bubble.

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