Özgür Can & Dumb Dan - Bloody Mary (Cryo Remix)

OK, one more electronica piece before we move to another genre. Uploaded to today, here comes Cryo's remix of "Bloody Mary" from Özgür Can & Dumb Dan.

(found via DE:BUG POD)

Song: Özgür Can & Dumb Dan - Bloody Mary (Cryo Remix) (7:19 min, 9.6 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-nd 2.5

Trance Blackman - Enchanted

And here's another great song from Trance Blackman, a beautiful ambient / mood instrumental song featuring piano and percussions mixed with electronic music.

Song: Trance Blackman - Enchanted (4:42 min, 6.9 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.0

iNTROSPEKT - Knucklehead

iNTROSPEKT produces "intelligent, varied, beat-driven electronica". The description fits perfectly.

(found via New Artist Podcast)

Song: iNTROSPEKT - Knucklehead (5:47 min, 6.4 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0

Hans Christian - Arabesque

And finally, the last song for today: Hans Christian's "Arabesque", a great instrumental piece with lots of percussions. Enjoy, and good night folks!

Song: Hans Christian - Arabesque (5:53 min, 5.4 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0

Paul Cantrell - Chopin Étude 25.1

Frédéric Chopin

And now some classical music (no, really!) from Paul Cantrell: Frédéric Chopin's Étude 25.1. Paul Cantrell has lots more Creative Commons licensed classical music on his homepage, go check it out.

Song: Paul Cantrell - Chopin Etude 25.1 (3:12 min, 3.7 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.5

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