Google Earth

OK, I heard lots and lots of stuff about Google Earth so far. Yesterday, I actually installed it on some not-so-free-OS box and gave it a try. Two things are floating on my mind now:

  1. w00t!
  2. This is the scariest shit one can imagine!

I "browsed" different parts of the world and got more and more fascinated... and scared. For instance you can see the Statue of Liberty, and if you zoom in enough, you see people walking around on liberty island! Nice on the one hand, major security and privacy problem on the other hand.

There are loads of interesting ways to use Google Earth, e.g. over at Google Earth Hacks. I'm afraid most of my spare time during the next few days has just crumbled to dust... Now, if they would only port it to Linux, that'd be really nice...

WiKi4All, a Catalog of Wikis

Oleg Popov has recently started a new wiki called WiKi4All, which aims to be a catalog of wikis, where all existing wikis are listed in certain categories.
He's actively visiting loads of wikis and leaving a message for the maintainer to add his/her wiki to WiKi4All. I have already added Unmaintained Free Software there, and Crazy Hacks and Holsham Traders will follow soon.

Holsham Traders, by the way, is a realtime multiplayer trading game written in Ruby, which I'm currently developing (more on that later).

WikiNode project

Mattis Manzel has brought to my attention the so-called WikiNode project. The basic idea is that every wiki should have a page called WikiNode, which describes what the wiki is about and provides links to the WikiNode pages of related wikis.
I have added a WikiNode page to both of my wikis, Crazy Hacks and Unmaintained Free Software (besides other new stuff such as a forum, image license templates and more).

More Flickr Stuff

Today's Flickr day. I just stumbled over The Great Flickr Tools Collection, a follow-up to the popular and quite helpful Absolutely - Complete Tool Collection article.
This one introduces a huge list of Flickr-related web services and scripts for using and abusing Flickr in several ways.

Scuttle, a clone written in PHP

I found another free clone of, yesterday. It's called Scuttle and is written in PHP instead of Perl (as is the case with Rubric, the code behind Also, Scuttle is GPL'd whereas Rubric uses the Artistic lincense. As of version 0.2.0 Scuttle supports the API.

I'll probably try out Scuttle on this site soon, to find out how useful it is and how it works.

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