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Bored? Make music with your scanner [Update]

Bored? Feeling that artistic vibe? Why not make some music with your (HP ScanJet) scanner? Or at least watch a video of other people doing so (as soon as the slashdotting has stopped and the video is back, that is)?

Note to self: Add this to Crazy Hacks later, gotta run now.

Update 2006-01-23: Added this to Crazy Hacks (finally!).

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WikiMatrix - Wiki Feature Comparison

Are you gonna setup a wiki anytime soon? Checkout the WikiMatrix site which allows you to compare various wiki software projects according to a huge amount of criteria.

My favorite has always been MediaWiki (probably because I occasionally write for the Wikipedia). I use that for both, the Unmaintained Free Software wiki, as well as the Crazy Hacks wiki (both need some more love and contributors, hint hint). I'll checkout some of the other wiki software projects soon, though...

(via ZDNet Blogs | Between the Lines)

MediaWiki 1.4.6 Fixes Security Issue

I just upgraded my Crazy Hacks wiki to MediaWiki 1.4.6.

The new release fixes a few bugs, but more importantly it fixes a security issue. All users are advised to upgrade.

WiKi4All, a Catalog of Wikis

Oleg Popov has recently started a new wiki called WiKi4All, which aims to be a catalog of wikis, where all existing wikis are listed in certain categories.
He's actively visiting loads of wikis and leaving a message for the maintainer to add his/her wiki to WiKi4All. I have already added Unmaintained Free Software there, and Crazy Hacks and Holsham Traders will follow soon.

Holsham Traders, by the way, is a realtime multiplayer trading game written in Ruby, which I'm currently developing (more on that later).

WikiNode project

Mattis Manzel has brought to my attention the so-called WikiNode project. The basic idea is that every wiki should have a page called WikiNode, which describes what the wiki is about and provides links to the WikiNode pages of related wikis.
I have added a WikiNode page to both of my wikis, Crazy Hacks and Unmaintained Free Software (besides other new stuff such as a forum, image license templates and more).

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