Six Steps to a Good Guinness

Cup of Coffee

Alan Clinton's Guide For The Un-Initated To Buying Guinness In An Irish Pub lists six essential steps for enjoying a good Guinness.

Unfortunately (as it's past midnight), I haven't got a pint of Guinness at my disposal right now, so I'll have to content myself with a cup of coffee, I guess... At the moment, caffeine is probably better than alcohol anyways, as I'm into some serious hacking this night...

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I'm too sexy... er... busy for my blog

There are not too many updates here as of late. I'm busy playing Wesnoth, trying out a few MUDs (especially Aardwolf, which seems to be really nice), coding my own game Holsham Traders (a first release should be out in one or two weeks) and lots and lots of other more seriuos work...

What the...

So from 2007 onwards The Man™ wants all Germans to pay "Internet-Rundfunkgebühr" (a fee which one was forced to pay if one owned a TV or radio. Now it suffices to own a computer which can be connected to the Internet).

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My Updated .vimrc File

I have updated my .vimrc quite a lot recently and I uploaded the new version today.

The file is well-documented (IMHO at least) and contains some very handy abbreviations, short-cuts, typo-fixes and miscellaneous configuration settings which I deem very important for effective text editing. On every new Unix/Linux account I first download my vimrc (as well as my .bashrc, and my .muttrc) from my homepage to have a somewhat sane working environment...

Note: The .bashrc and .muttrc files are quite outdated at the moment, but I intend to update them soon, too. I'll announce the new versions on my config-files page.

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