German people: do you care about democracy and your right to vote?

If yes, please consider signing this online petition which asks the government to completely prohibit the usage of voting machines in Germany. Actually, you should sign this replacement petition, as the first one was getting "too big", a.k.a the software or server they use couldn't handle the sheer numbers of recorded votes anymore (ironic, isn't it?)...

Note: the deadline for the petition is today, i.e., November 28, 2006!

Ca. 45.000 people have signed already. If 50.000 signers are reached, there's sort of a guarantee that the government has to formally put this issue on their agenda (or something in that direction, I don't remember the exact details right now).

If you haven't followed the latest news regarding the voting machine issues, I urge you to get informed by reading the recent blog entries of Frank Rieger and Tim Pritlove (for example). The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has a very good collection of information and further readings. Take a look.

Data Retention is no Solution

The European ministers of Justice and the European Commission want to install a privacy nightmare in Europe:

The proposal to retain traffic data will reveal who has been calling and e-mailing whom, what websites people have visited and even where they were with their mobile phones.

As a response, the European Digital Rights (EDRI) has started the Data Retention is no Solution petition. Currently about 17.000 people signed (I am one of them), but lots more signatures (1 million) are needed until October 12, 2005.

Sign the petition, tell all your friends. I'm sure none of us want to live in a total-surveillance-as-in-1984 type of world.

(via Symlink)

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