Dear Yorma's...

Dear Yorma's [1],

why do you want to piss off your customers?

The story/rant: /me walks into Yorma's cafe, as I missed my train and had to wait quite a while for the next one. I ask one of the clerks ($clerk1) whether I may plug my laptop in that power socket on the wall in order to charge my laptop battery. $clerk1 says "sure", I order a coffee for ca. 2 Euros (don't remember the exact price), sit down, plug in my laptop and start coding and reading stuff.

After a while $clerk2 looks funny at me multiple times, turns around, talks to someone (her boss, I guess), looks funny at me again etc... I'm a bit confused, but continue to sip my coffee. Then, $clerk2 comes to my table and tells me her boss would like her to tell me that using the power socket is forbidden. I think "wtf?", but ask nicely "why?". Answer: "Because it's forbidden". Yeah, whatever... I shake my head, unplug the laptop, continue drinking my coffee and doing stuff on my laptop until my train arrives...

Before I leave I want to talk to the boss, but $clerk2 tells me that "she's not here right now". So I ask $clerk2 for the reason of me not being allowed to charge my laptop here. After a few stupid (non-)answers, I ask her to tell her boss that I just drank a coffee for >= 2 Euros and that I honestly doubt my laptop charging cost them more than a few cents... And that her boss should probably rethink her PR stategy and her handling of customers a bit. I mean, seriously, what are they afraid of? That I could launch a terrorist attack on the electricity network of the whole town or what?

Oh man, what a crazy world we live in...


[1] Yormas is a snack/cafe chain you find in many train stations here in Germany. They sell stuff and run a small cafe where people can sit and drink a coffee or something.

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