Drupal Moved To New Servers has moved to new servers today. After a short downtime the site was up again and faster than ever.

Scott Kveton from the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University has more details, figures and load graphs in his blog post Before and After.

As I reported earlier, Drupal asked for donations for new server hardware. And received them. Lots of them. The server move today was the first step to put that money to good use. More will follow.

Unmaintained Free Software Down

My Unmaintained Free Software wiki is down since yesterday. I don't know what happened, but I cannot ssh into the VServer where I host the site anymore. The server also hosts Holsham Traders, which is down, too (the SourceForge project page still works, fortunately).

Also, I'm currently not reachable through or as my Postfix server is not reachable either. Please use for emails.

Of course I stupidly neglected regular backups long enough, so that this could turn out to be a major problem...

I asked the hoster of the VServer what the problem is and what I can do to get my sites running again. The answer: "Reinstall the server". Upon reading that, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or simply terminate my contract with them immediately.
I mean - come on - that's a fucking Debian box running there, not some not so stable operating system, which needs regular reinstalls.

I basically told them so in another email and asked them to at least send me tarballs of /var/www and other relevant directories plus a dump of the MySQL database. No answer so far.

I'm really curious how this will all end — if one of their disks crashed or their servers burnt down or something, I'm screwed.

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