Server/client bookmarks a la

Jesus Climent asks for a "client/server solution for my bookmarks", which I read as " clone". As the comment feature is not available on his blog, I answer with another blog post.

I know of the following Free Software clones:

  1. Scuttle (PHP, GPL)
  2. Rubric (Perl, Artistic license + GPL)
  3. Insipid (Perl, GPL)

I haven't tested recent versions of any of those, but I'll give scuttle another try soon, as I have wanted my own local for quite a while...

How to hijack an already running X11 application via ssh -X?

Dear Lazyweb,

I have always wondered whether it is possible to "hijack" an already running X11 application on a remote server...

Say I have a box at home which has a running X11 server with many applications, e.g. Firefox, xchat, xmms, whatever. Now, say I'm somewhere else with my laptop and login with "ssh -X" into my home box. I can now start X11 applications and they will be shown on my laptop screen. So far so good.

But... how can I get one of the applications that were already running before I logged in from remote to be displayed on my laptop screen? Is it possible? How?

Just curious.

Unmaintained Free Software Is Back!

Finally! My Unmaintained Free Software wiki is back online...

After several weeks of downtime, I was finally able to recover, reinstall, apply backups etc. I won't bother going through all the gory details, I already blogged a bit about the complete, utter mess that kept the site down. Believe me, you don't want to know.

The good news is that the site is back, no data has been lost, all user accounts are still there and should work.

Now, go and adopt one of those orphaned projects!

Drupal Surprises [Update]

Drupal Donations Thanks Poster

Lots of good news for the Drupal project:

The future looks bright... Offline / Donations Requested

The Drupal website has been down for two days now. They haven't received a response from support and hence cannot fix it (sounds familiar to me).

On the long run, Drupal will migrate to the Open Source Lab (OSL) which offers lots of services and already hosts many popular Open Source projects like Mozilla, Apache, and Debian.

To be able to do this, they need a new server (free rack space and bandwidth are provided by OSL) for which they are seeking donations now.
It's also planned to create a non-profit organization which will hold the funds, so the donations will be tax-deductible...

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