Yatsuo Motoki - Disharmonie

Yatsuo Motoki

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The music of Yatsuo Motoki is a great mixture of experimental and modern sounds, always keeping the aesthetic aspect of music making in view. The individual styles of Micha and Christian put together produce a stirring and rousing mix, of which every song can be seen as small snap-shot of their life and mood. Like their mood, its not possible to clearly categorize their music, as the title of their release 'Circular Motion' already indicates. So one will find out astonished, that their impelling tracks, which characteristically include dub and minimal elements, are well suited to blow your feet away when clubbing, as well as to bring your mood in motion on a grey and boring rainy day.

Song: Yatsuo Motoki - Disharmonie (6:50 min, 9.9 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.0
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