CJacks - Streetwalker

A short but nice and groovy electronica piece from CJacks.

Song: CJacks - Streetwalker (1:39 min, 1.6 MB)
License: CC-by-sa 2.5
Source: opsound.org


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Your first podcast and the music you chose...


I enjoyed the music you picked for your first podcast and want to thank you for including one of my songs (Streetwalker). Are you planning on doing any talking in the upcoming shows or is it going to stay music only? Just curious.

Thanks again,


Music only


I usually contact each artist I feature on this podcast, I just didn't get around to contact you just yet. But as you commented here now, you won't get an email — you lose ;-)

But seriously, thanks for commenting and yes, this is intended as a music-only podcast, I don't talk at all... However, I do play short promos from other podcasters or artists if I like them or they are interesting or are music related or something. Just put up an MP3 somewhere (e.g. on archive.org) and send me a link to it...

Cheers, Uwe.