Two turtles, again in the "Tierpark Hellabrunn" zoo in Munich.

This is my entry for this week's Photo Friday challenge: "Pet".


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I think that the reflection in the aquarium window is not so good. Was it unpossible to prevent that reflection? Was that intended?

Perhups shooting a detail of the turtle would make the shot more interesting. So reframing the shot would probably help a lot.

I do not get the intention of the shot. These are beautyfull animals. And I do not see them good in that shot.

Sorry for the negative comment :/


Yeah, the reflections suck, but the whole room was full of windows and glass, plus the animals were all behind the glass, so it was very hard to get a decent shot...

I posted another turtle shot which doesn't have too much reflections, but the general quality of the photo isn't too good, unfortunately.

turtleshot on webpage

I am interested in the name, both common and latin, of the turtle shown. Thanks