Strange yellow flower

Strange yellow flower

A strange yellow flower. I'm sure a gazillion of people will now show up here in the comments and tell me what it's called ;-)


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Strange yellow flower

Hello Uwe,

I collect digital images of yellow flowers in honor of Cory Aquino, the first woman president of the Philippines who recently passed away. I googled "strange yellow flower" and your website came up. I took the liberty in posting your strange yellow flower image in my Facebook account and asked this question:

Can you help Uwe Hermann identify this strange yellow flower by visiting his site? Thanks.

Thank you.

Your image will only appear in my Facebook account for only 24 hours. Thank you and good luck on your projects.

warmest regards,

Ige Ramos
Manila, Philippines


It looks a ladyslipper in Southern Manitoba Canada

I don't know how it's

I don't know how it's called, sorry. ;-)