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That is a nice colourfull shot. Still I have some improovement ideas.

If you would reframe the Shot to get only the right bottom flamingo only that spreads its wings would be amazing! Sadly it is in the shadow.

Waiting a bit for another flamingo to spread its wings would help there. But perhups you were not alone there so you could not spend much time there.

The next thing is to zoom out a bit so you have no objects cutting the borders of the frame. The objects that are on border attract the viewer and make him wonder where is the rest of the animal or object and make the shot look cluttered. Dunno how to describe it correctly ... you can find something about that in most descriptions about composing I think.

You could also zoom in the shot to get the right upper group of fully coloured animals. That would be also a nice motive. You would get rid of the stuff around and make the shot also more interesting in my opinion.

I hope this comment helps.


I'll try to post another, improved shot, I'll see if I can find another good shot of them (they're all a bit cluttered, so I'll have to cut/zoom a lot).

Looking forward

I am looking forward to that shot. Yes cropping is in most cases a good solution. It may improove the shot significantly in many cases.

Have fun cropping ;)