Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers

Some strange blue flowers. Does anyone know what they're called?


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blue bonnets

blue bonnets

Lovely, so pretty it is

Lovely, so pretty it is almost scary!

The Flowers

they seem to be Lupine, if not they are Grape Hyacinth.

Blue bell

Wow, they look like what we have in Oklahoma, Blue bells.

they are grape hyacinths

they are grape hyacinths

Blue Flowers

You are actually both right. Muscari is commonly called the grape hyacinth, but yes they are not hyacinths but members of the lily family.

Definitely Grape Hyacinths

I was trying to identify this plant myself after I took a couple of photos, so thanks to all the comments here! shows some pics and a brief description, including genus for those interested ;)

blue flowers

These are grape hyacynths. Beautiful bulb perrenial.

Yes it is grape hyacinths in

Yes it is grape hyacinths in southern Manitoba Canada 2

Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

answer for you

this plant is a bulbuos plant called mascari if so choose to look it up on the net and also gardening ooks i am a botinist and the grape hycinth is a totally diiferent plant thanking you

Wow, those look like some

Wow, those look like some mutation of a Texas Bluebonnet! Weird:)

Blue flowers

grape hyacinths




Hello everyone-
The flowers are commonly called grape hyacinths and their scientific name (remember genus and species from high school?) is muscari. Not French, but Latin, as in their botanical name.

blue flower

your right they are grape hyacinths!!!!! all people had to do type in the name and google search.


no your wrong

I really have very limited

I really have very limited knowledge of flowers and I was searching the internet for flower photos to put on my desktop. But when I was this flower, I immediately thought is was a Texas Bluebonnet...then when I read other people's comments I was less sure, but that is what it REALLY looks like to me...well, considering how close the photo is.

Texas Bluebonnet

Indeed, they look very similar. But if by Texas you mean the state in the US, then this is not one of them. The photo was taken in Munich, Germany...

US of A has these

Actually, I live in the US, (Utah, to be exact) and I have these EXACT same plants growing like CRAZY at my house, and they were there when we first moved in (which was about eleven years ago) and are doing better than the grass there (our sprinkler system broke). When it said they were native to Eurasia, I looked them up on google images, and they are DEFIANTLY the same plant. I love them :).

They are beautiful eccentric

They are beautiful eccentric flowers indeed, I was going to include them in my garden landscaping project. I have also recently installed a San Antonio sprinkler system, I don't really know how much water these flowers need, any recommendations? I also have different types of plants, each need different amounts of water.

They appear to be a flower

They appear to be a flower called the Muscari botryoides.

Blue flower answer

I think they are grape hyacinths (I'm not sure if I spelt that correctly), but as there is nothing in the picture to give a sense of scale to tell what size the flowers are, I don't know for sure. Grape hyacinth are usually quite small, maybe 4-8 inches in height overall.

Yeah, they really do look

Yeah, they really do look like grape hyacinths. Thanks for the hint!


These gorgeous blue flowers are called...

... muscaris ! (that's the French for it, anyway...) And there are many types of those ; I grow a few in my window pots & have seen a many different kinds of them growing in the Paris Jardin des plantes (near Austerlitz train station) last spring.

Well Uwe, I hope you enjoy this major knowledge expansion ! And many thanks for the glorious pictures on your blog + the fact that you allow them to be copied.

With grateful and best regards,



Thanks a lot for the information and for the kind words!


I thought they were

I thought they were bluebonnets! They are beautiful though.

These used to grow all over

These used to grow all over the yard back when I lived in colorado...

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