How about an iPod Shuffle RAID?

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Another Crazy Hacks candidate: Jim Wright has assembled four iPod Shuffles to create a 3.9 GB iPod Shuffle RAID. Have a look at the quite impressive photos.

Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) Founded

As Slashdot reports, the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), an organization which intends to provide legal representation and other law related services to Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) projects and organizations, has been founded.
They are initially funded by the Open Source Development Labs (ODSL).
On board are some authorities such as Eben Moglen and Lawrence Lessig, among others.


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This looks like a good candidate for the Crazy Hacks wiki: GPS::Tron is a real-life remake of the classical TRON game using modern technologies like GPS, Bluetooth and GSM or GPRS. Two players run around in the real world (carrying a GPS device) and "draw" trails. They can see their own trail as well as that of their respective opponent on their cell phones. The first player who hits his own trail or that of his opponent loses.

More Mountains

I have added some more photos of random mountains in switzerland to my image galleries. Enjoy.

Mountain Mountain Stream Snow-Covered Mountain Green Mountains

GEOLOC: Yet another world map [Update]

Just to keep you updated: I installed a small GEOLOC world map image on the right-hand side, yesterday.

It's similar to the Hitmap, which I installed before, but also differentiates between users which are currently visiting the site ("online" users), which are shown as green points, and those who have visited the site in the past but are not currently online (the red points).

The service in its basic version is free, but if you are willing to pay for it you can have more features, e.g. detailed statistics, higher resolution maps and - probably the prettiest feature - a Flash-based map, with the online users shown as "blinking" dots (have a look at an example).

All in all pretty nice eye-candy, if you ask me.

Update: Hm, lots of people on the web seem to have the Flash version. I wonder if they really all pay for that, or if you can have that in the free version, too...

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