Vim: Seven habits of effective text editing

Bram Moolenaar, main author of vim, has written (quite some time ago) a very useful article which shows some good ways to use your favorite editor (vim, of course, but most of the tips also apply to other editors) more efficiently.

Besides the generic tips and tricks of text editing, the article also mentions some specific vim commands, e.g. CTRL-N (word completion), % (match braces), :abbr (prevent typos), and many more.

Oh, and if that's not enough for you, check out a few hundred vim tips over at

(via Kenneth Hunt and chromatic)

Debian has a new project leader [Update]

The Debian Project Leader Election 2005 Results have been published today. The new Debian project leader (DPL) is Branden Robinson, congratulations!

A total of 504 developers voted, which is 52.227% of all possible votes.

(First post!!!1 Erm, I mean... I posted this even before it appears on Slashdot)

Update: Both, Symlink (German) and Slashdot have the story now.

Subversion 1.2rc1 released

Subversion 1.2 Release Candicate 1 has been released. According to the release notes, there's some really interesting new stuff. E.g. a locking feature (a.k.a. reserved checkouts), a faster xdelta binary-differencing algorithm (instead of vdelta), FSFS repositories are now the default, and the usual bugfixes.

Regarding the xdelta: dumping and reloading your repositories will convert them to xdelta and make them a bit larger, but will also make operations such as svn co, svn up and svn diff a lot faster, which is great.

(via Ron Bieber)

Drupal programming from an object-oriented perspective

Jonathan Chaffer has written a very interesting article which explains how the CMS Drupal (which powers this site, btw.) uses many OOP principles and Design Patterns without using PHP's class keyword. It's written purely procedural, while still using the best features the OOP world has to offer.

The main message IHMO is this: OOP != classes.

(via Boris Mann, Marc Canter and

WikiNode project

Mattis Manzel has brought to my attention the so-called WikiNode project. The basic idea is that every wiki should have a page called WikiNode, which describes what the wiki is about and provides links to the WikiNode pages of related wikis.
I have added a WikiNode page to both of my wikis, Crazy Hacks and Unmaintained Free Software (besides other new stuff such as a forum, image license templates and more).

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