apt-listchanges / apt-listbugs

Two very handy scripts for your Debian boxes:

  • apt-listchanges shows you the changelog of packages you're about to install or upgrade. This allows you to abort the installation if you don't like some of the changes.
  • apt-listbugs shows you a list of open bugs against the package(s) you're about to install. It does this by querying the Debian bug tracking system at runtime and displaying the results. You may abort the installation / upgrade if there's a grave bug which would break your system.

Both tools are very useful and can save your ass. Use them.

Drupal Developers At Work

The Bryght guys (a bunch of very competent Drupal developers) seem to have a lot of fun while coding...

Minesweeper is NP-complete

KMines screenshot

In the year 2000, Richard Kaye published a paper in which proved that Minesweeper is NP-complete. He has some very nice slides which demonstrate how the proof works.

Later, he also proved that Infinite Minesweeper is Turing-complete (PDF).

I'm so waiting for some kid to solve the P=NP problem by playing minesweeper...

My Wesnoth Replays Online [Update]

Wesnoth screenshot

Battle for Wesnoth seems to become a real threat for the Debian project. More and more Debian developers get sucked into the world of elves, dwaves, orcs, zombies and mages — and only few return...

On a related note: I uploaded my Wesnoth game replays (210 KB) for everyone to enjoy. I'm currently playing the Heir To The Throne campaign and finished 16 of 26 levels so far.

For those of you who want to save the money they usually spend in the cinema — grab some beer and watch Wesnoth replays with your friends ;-)

Update 2006-06-01: Added link to the canonical location of my replays. I now provide replays for the complete Heir to the throne campaign, others will follow.

Updated Drupal / Security Issues

As most of you probably noticed, the design and structure of my homepage and my blog changed quite a bit a few days ago.
That was me upgrading to Drupal 4.6.1, which makes my life a lot easier, has a bunch of new features (e.g. my blog now has del.icio.us-like tags) and bugfixes, and most importantly fixes a serious security issue.

Two days ago I tried to help a bit with the new Drupal 4.6.2 release, which mainly fixes two major security problems. The first one is an issue with incorrect input validation, resulting in the DRUPAL-SA-2005-002 security advisory. The second one fixes a problem in the XML-RPC library shipped with Drupal (and Wordpress, and PostNuke, and...), resulting in DRUPAL-SA-2005-003.
It was quite a fun experience for me, the release was coordinated and discussed on IRC, we had lots of peer-review of the advisories and release-announcement, testing the patches etc. Thanks to all who participated and made this such a great experience.

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