My Drupal Article in the UK Linux Magazine

I'm happy to announce that my (German) Drupal article has now been translated (not by me) and will be published tomorrow in Issue 55 of the (English) Linux Magazine.

It doesn't appear to be available online, unfortunately.

Security for the Paranoid

Mark Burnett poses an interesting question in his SecurityFocus article Security for the Paranoid:

Is it time to worry when security professionals consider you too paranoid?

I consider myself quite security-aware (or paranoid, as you like), too, but some of Mark Burnett's measures are really quite extreme. For example:

I require my kids to use at least 14 character passwords on our home network and I'm considering issuing them smart cards. [...] I don't just throw out shredded documents; I spread the shredded bits into my garden to use as mulch.

However, I really agree with him on this issue: "There's no need to analyze the threat of every situation. Just practice strong security always and you should be okay". I couldn't have said this any better.

WE ARE POPE! [Update]


In English: "WE ARE POPE!". This is the headline which could be seen one day after the papal election in the (German) tabloid daily newspaper Bild-Zeitung (similar in style and quality to The Sun).

BILDblog (a blog which watches and criticizes the newspaper, very satiric, very funny) has an image of the headline — a must-see. I saw the headline when walking by a "newspaper-stand" (no idea how this is called in English) on my way to a subway station here in Munich and nearly laughed my ass off.

Update: Someone is collecting "WIR SIND PAPST!" images...

Laptop Thief is in Trouble

Professor Jasper Rine from the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology at the University of California at Berkeley had some interesting words for the guy who stole his laptop recently. At the end of a lecture, which was recorded and is now — thanks to Boing Boing — available in many formats (Real, Quicktime and MP3), he told the guy (who was presumely in the class and was apparently after the exam data) what consequences he is about to face.

There's a text transcript of the last part of the lecture, which (among other stuff) says:

I am tied up all this afternoon; I am out of town all of next week. You have until 11:55 to return the computer, and whatever copies you've made, to my office, because I'm the only hope you've got of staying out of deeper trouble than you or any student I've ever known has ever been in.

There's lots of discussion going on right now about this. One reader of Joe Grossberg's blog is a bit sceptic (to say the least) that all of what the prof said is true, but still, I'm sure this scared the shit out of the guy who stole the laptop...

(via Boing Boing)

Alanis Morissette live concert in Munich

Alanis Morissette

I was at the Alanis Morissette live concert in Munich last Friday (April 15, 2005). The show was pretty good, and I took a few photos which I uploaded to the German Wikipedia. I'll add the images to the English Wikipedia, too, if noone beats me to it.

The images are licensed under the terms of the GFDL, of course.

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