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Winecfg, mdf2ios, mounting a virtual CD drive and such Fun...

I've been trying to set up a program I have so that it runs on my lap top without the CD. I'm not making copies, I just want to run the damn thing without the Cd. I've got Debian Lenny. I scanned the original CD with alcohol120 (it was copy protected with some system that put phony read errors at various spots on the cd) on windows xp and ended up with an .mdf and a .mds.

It worked on XP, I could run the program with alcohol120 auto mounting the virtual drive and no more cd. Wonderful, faster operation and no worries about the cd getting scratched, busted drive etc. etc.. Only, I almost never use my aging xp desktop, its off in a corner gathering dust as it should be since i have a nice laptop with Debian on it.

Next I went to my Debian and ran mdf2ios and it made a .ios

I then used the mount command to mount the ios.

All went fine. I also used winecfg to make the virtual drive appear as "CDROM" instead of "auto". The program starts, up comes the logo and then I get a box that says incorrect cd, restart the program.

What am I missing? Was it that the mdf2ios needs stuff from the .mds file (a small file generated by alcohol120 that came with the.mdf)?