Here are some links to music I like to listen to and music/samples which I have created.

Downloadable Music

Some of my favourite sources for freely available MP3s, MODs and OGGs:

  • — Huge demo scene archive, with lots of good MODs and MP3s.
  • The Mod Archive — Another great archive of demo scene MODs.

Streaming MP3 Internet Radio Stations

Here are some links to streaming music I like to listen to occasionally:

  • Radio Paradise — Eclectic Intelligent Rock. A great Internet radio station located in Paradise/California.
  • Nectarine — Free Internet radio station playing great demo scene music.
  • SomaFM — Listener-supported underground/alternative station from San Francisco. Provides several good streams, e.g.:

    • Groove Salad — Ambient beats and grooves.
    • Secret Agent — The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and P.I.'s too!
    • Beat Blender — A late night blend of deep-house and downtempo chill.

Of couse, you can always browse the Google Directory and look for streaming MP3 stations you like...

If you're using Linux I can also recommend the streamtuner application which has a huge list of various online radio stations built-in.

My Sound Samples

Here are some samples (WAV files) which I have recorded. They are all licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL (version 2 or later). You are free to use them to create your own songs or game music, as long as those songs/games are released under the terms of the GPL, too.

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