WikiNode project

Mattis Manzel has brought to my attention the so-called WikiNode project. The basic idea is that every wiki should have a page called WikiNode, which describes what the wiki is about and provides links to the WikiNode pages of related wikis.
I have added a WikiNode page to both of my wikis, Crazy Hacks and Unmaintained Free Software (besides other new stuff such as a forum, image license templates and more).

More Flickr Stuff

Today's Flickr day. I just stumbled over The Great Flickr Tools Collection, a follow-up to the popular and quite helpful Absolutely - Complete Tool Collection article.
This one introduces a huge list of Flickr-related web services and scripts for using and abusing Flickr in several ways.

Friday Java Jumble

Friday Java Jumble on The Daily WTF — the guy who wrote this code would have pretty good chances to win a write-patently-stupid-code contest. Have a look.

(via /dev/blog)

Flickr Central Colr Pickr

A color wheel, which shows flickr images of the chosen color. Pretty nice to play with and useful if you need to find photos of a certain color.

(via The Unreasonable Man)

IORCC - International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest

Oh my god! I can't believe it, there really is an International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest (IORCC).

A quote from the page:

Ruby is known for its power, simplicity, clarity, yet like any other language can be obfuscated to the point of near unreadability.

The blog, the FAQ and the rules might be interesting. If you want to participate, you should start very soon, the submission deadline is 31-Mar-2005 23:59:59 UTC.


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