Why disk-encryption is not only useful for paranoid computer geeks

According to this (German) spiegel.de article, thieves have stolen a hard drive from the recording studio of the quite popular German band Rosenstolz.

Among the contents of the drive are unreleased songs from the past six years and two songs which should be released on a new single in a few weeks. Apparently those two songs on the drive were the only instance they had, off-site backups only contained older "beta" versions of the songs. As the band is touring at the moment (i.e. no time for re-recording the songs), it's unclear whether the single can be released in time.

Lessons learned:

  • Backups, backups, backups!
  • Disk-encryption is not only for paranoid computer geeks, but also for normal people like you and me[1]. Really! If that hard drive would have been encrypted they would still suffer because of the lack of good backups, but at least their unreleased songs wouldn't have fallen in the hands of the thieves. I bet those songs will soon appear in P2P networks around the globe[2].

(via Fefe)

[1] Well, I am a paranoid computer geek, and I'm probably not a normal person, but you get the point ;-)
[2] Oh, and if the thieves are stupid enough they will get caught while uploading the files ;-)


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working with audio (especially multi-channel mixes) on a computer needs quite high, timing glitch free disk performance - can any of the current crypto file systems deliver this?

No idea

I don't have the slightest idea. How would you measure such a thing?

The thoughput is definately lower than on an unencrypted volume, but it suffices for day to day usage (it doesn't feel slower for me), so maybe it's also enough for sound processing...

A low end session with 16

A low end session with 16 mono tracks, 32bit samples @48KHz would already require to en-/decrypt 3MB/s in realtime, and CPU time is precious with all the DSP work to be done.

P2P networks

Well, if the songs appeared on a P2P network, at least the band would get them back. :)

True :) I didn't consider

True :) I didn't consider that...

disk encryption with filtering

I would suggest Private Disk as a disk encryption program - though it is commercial - its Disk Firewall feature is a brilliant feature. (Creates a white-list of allowed applications - e.g. a filtering mechanism to additionally protect data from spyware and viruses). Here is the description of how disk firewall works - Disk encryption firewall


I know nothing about this program, and it may very well be that it's a good piece of software, no idea. However, I wouldn't trust any security-relevant program which is not open source...

I tried but it doesnt work.

Ok, the article is good, I downloaded the program and it doesnt allows to do this. No button, where to click to enable this?