Upgraded my website to Drupal 5

I have upgraded my website/blog/podcast/photoblog/linkblog/whatever to Drupal 5.0-rc1 today (I'll skip 5.0-rc2 for now and wait for the final release of 5.0 for the next upgrade).

The upgrade went quite nice, even though I had to upgrade several modules and port quite a bunch of custom hacks I had on my old (Drupal 4.6) site. I first upgraded to 4.7, then to 5.0 (as is the recommended procedure) on a test-site, and after figuring out how to fix or work-around all the issues that appeared, I upgraded the live site.

I password-protected the site during the upgrade, that's why it wasn't available for a while today (and caused some problems on Planet Debian it seems, sorry for that!).

New features you might enjoy:

  • Every blog post, podcast entry, and photo/image has an AJAX-enabled voting/rating box now, thanks to the nice jRating module. Feel free to rate any content over here, I'm eager to know what you think.
  • The Service links module provides those tiny images in each post, which allow you to submit the post to del.icio.us, Digg, etc. etc. with a single click.
  • I now use the great new standard Drupal-Theme Garland with a custom color map. I really like it.
  • Tons of small changes here and there, removing custom hacks which are now obsoleted with the new Drupal release, shuffling some menus around etc. etc.

If you notice any bugs or problems with the site, please let me know.


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to sort comments

Hi Uwe.

This "web page" is very different: new colours, new page structure (three columns), returning blocks (random image)... It's beautiful and a very up-to date design.

But, I would like to sort the comments from old (at the beginning) to new (at the end)... I think that it would be nice to have this possibility. The current way is "unclear" for me.

Thanks, Uwe. Always the first ;-)

Comment sorting

OK, added.

Cheers, Uwe.

Is it a bug?

I think that it is not working fine... problem or bug? I have tested it with firefox and konqueror... but when I push "save settings" bottom nothing happens.



Comment settings bug

Interesting. This is indeed a bug, namely #101013. Comment settings don't work properly for anonymous users when the Drupal caching mechanism is enabled.

For now I've disabled the cache and the comment settings work fine for me now.

HTH, Uwe.

Forget the last comment!

Please forget my last comment - the outdated version on Alioth irritated me a bit...
Seems as we have an up to date Version in Unstable.

Debian Packages

Do you use any Debian packages for Drupal? Seems as if the maintainers are more or less MIA :-(

Drupal Debian package

No, I use the plain Drupal tarball... I have too many custom hacks etc. for a Debian package to really make sense for me...

HTH, Uwe.


Looks very nice!

Social networking phobia

I feel the all to easy link to social sites blog systems are being abused where every piece of content can be an article on a Web 2.0 social flash and dash site.

Content which has been conceptualised and produced is fair enough, but a post about administrative wish wash serves no purpose.

It's like a Web 2.0 version of a guest book system, but in reverse. People use to leave comments on guest books to promote there own material. Now online producers want users to promote there material.

Wish wash

but a post about administrative wish wash serves no purpose.

Yeah, sure, but those kinds of articles don't get too much attention anyway, even when posted to such Web 2.0 sites — problem solved.