Unmaintained Free Software Down

My Unmaintained Free Software wiki is down since yesterday. I don't know what happened, but I cannot ssh into the VServer where I host the site anymore. The server also hosts Holsham Traders, which is down, too (the SourceForge project page still works, fortunately).

Also, I'm currently not reachable through uwe@unmaintained-free-software.org or uwe@holsham-traders.de as my Postfix server is not reachable either. Please use uwe@hermann-uwe.de for emails.

Of course I stupidly neglected regular backups long enough, so that this could turn out to be a major problem...

I asked the hoster of the VServer what the problem is and what I can do to get my sites running again. The answer: "Reinstall the server". Upon reading that, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or simply terminate my contract with them immediately.
I mean - come on - that's a fucking Debian box running there, not some not so stable operating system, which needs regular reinstalls.

I basically told them so in another email and asked them to at least send me tarballs of /var/www and other relevant directories plus a dump of the MySQL database. No answer so far.

I'm really curious how this will all end — if one of their disks crashed or their servers burnt down or something, I'm screwed.


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Please switch to another

Please switch to another host.

This suchs!

UFS down?

Can't reach it at the moment

UFS down ATM

Yep, I noticed. I'm trying to figure out what's going on, contacting support etc. I don't even get ssh access right now... I have recent backups, so everything should be fine again soonish.



The site should be back up now (it was a hosting problem of the provider, I got a new "box" and reinstalled from scratch, then installed the backups). There are still some small issues I need to fix on the server, but the wiki should be working fine again. Please report any problems.


wining around in public that

why don't you do backups? people working on your wiki might have spent lots of time editing it, and you don't take serious care about it? that doesn't sound so nice!


Yes, I was a bit careless at first, sorry. But I do have a full backup, so no data was lost.


Re: interenet archive

Yes, I checked archive.org

Yes, I checked archive.org myself, but the problem is that they don't have a recent version of the site (a wiki powered by MediaWiki).

The version you linked to is a very old one from 2004, running my own crappy PHP software. I do have a database dump of that old version, but a lot of new content (both projects as well as discussions with other people in the wiki) would be lost.

If all else fails, I'll start again with the old content, but I still hope to be able to recover the most recent database content. I'll post updates here as soon as I know more...

Thanks for your suggestions, though.


internet archive

Well i checked and the internet archive looks to have save most of the site (though in static html only). The index page works well (previous works) though the browse one have problems when there is more than one page results.

Sadly regardings there is a huge amount of data on the site it may be quite a hard task to rebuild the db from those pages.

Maybe this could be kept static and be kept as a subset of the new site (if any) ...