Testing stuff with QEMU - Part 2: MenuetOS, a tiny OS written in 100% assembly language

Note: This article is part of my Testing stuff with QEMU series.

MenuetOS screenshot

From Wikipedia:

MenuetOS is an operating system with a monolithic preemptive, real-time kernel, including video drivers, all written in FASM assembly language, for 64-bit and 32-bit x86 architecture computers, by Ville Mikael Turjanmaa.

MenuetOS development has focused on fast, simple, efficient implementation. It has a graphical desktop, games, and networking abilities (TCP/IP stack), yet still fits on one 1.44MB floppy disk. It also facilitates easy, full-featured assembly language programming. This stands in marked contrast to the (as of 2007) widespread view that assembly languages are useful mainly for old and embedded systems.

Testing (the GPL'd) MenuetOS in QEMU is easy:

wget http://mesh.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/menuet/M32-084.ZIP
unzip M32-084.ZIP
qemu -fda M32-084.IMG -m 384

There's also Menuet 64, written in 64-bit assembly, but that's not open source'd for some strange reason I don't understand. But you can try that one, too (the binary images, that is), using QEMU:

wget 'http://www.menuetos.be/download.php?CurrentMenuetOS'
unzip M64-059.ZIP\?3.1
qemu-system-x86_64 -fda M64-059.IMG


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thanx for posting the qemu command to load MenuetOS. I've been reading a lot about ASM lately. Have you tried to dual boot with Qemu?

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check out our band equals conquest.

we have podsafe material here.

get back to us! thanks uwe!

email address validation fails mysteriously

While attempting to post the previous comment, I had difficulties with the email address validation, which repeatedly rejected well-formed email addresses. Perhaps the error message could say *why* it won't accept a particular email address?


Hm, strange. Can you please post the email address in the body of a comment?

As far as I know it should work fine...

Seems to hang often.

Seems to hang often.

QEMU/MenuetOS hang?

Yes, I noticed this too. It's probably not a usual "hang" but more that 100% CPU time is used...

Maybe a newer QEMU version helps?