Suspend/resume with different kernels: bad idea

Note to self: If you do suspend-to-disk with 2.6.24, do not try to resume with 2.6.28 or any other version of the kernel, it won't work.

When asked whether you want to continue, say "no" and reboot with the correct kernel, in order to not lose your suspended data...


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This is a longstanding

This is a longstanding kernel or userland bug for not preventing you from suspending to disk with the wrong kernel.

Rebuilding initrd causes this too

This issue appears not only when booting different kernels but also when booting the same kernel that had the initrd image rebuilt. Simple scenario: boot the machine, upgrade a package that forces the initrd image to be rebuilt, hibernate and boot again with same kernel. It will not load the image.

Can't blame the kernel for

Can't blame the kernel for this. Ubuntu comes _close_ to fixing it. It at least tells you to reboot your computer (through the update notifier icon) after installing a new kernel package.

But... hibernation is something you should be able to do in an emergency, at any time. E.g. when your battery goes low. So the *real* fix is to make sure the default boot option after hibernation is always the right kernel...

I.e. hibernation scripts should call grub-set-default. Still hard to get right in the general case, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ubuntu hacks something up in the near future.