Surge in GPL source code releases

Is this just me or do we see a highly increased rate of (important and interesting) stuff being released (or announced to be released soon) under the terms of the GPL lately?

A few examples:

  • VirtualBox — a VMware-like virtualisation solution
  • Second Life — the client for now, but the server software might follow
  • Fortress — Sun's Fortran replacement
  • OpenSolaris — scheduled to be released under the GPLv3
  • Java — this might have a huge impact...
  • Sun UltraSPARC T1 — a complete, modern CPU

This is a great trend and good news for all of us. A special thanks to Sun for releasing more and more stuff under free licenses!


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Unfortunately, sometimes it fails

XaraLX was also (mostly) freed a year ago, but soon the project went dormant. Just putting code under the GPL is not enough, it has to be maintained as well...

GPL'd code and maintainers

Yes, true. Golgotha (a 3D strategy game) was another example of released code which didn't really turn into a healthy, active project...

For most of the bigger projects out there it seems to work quite well, though...