Sim City, Micropolis, Lincity, Lincity-NG

Lincity-NG screenshot

Hm, time for some nostalgia. The original Sim City game is now GPL'd under the new name Micropolis, and currently being packaged for Debian. There goes my 3.7 minutes of spare time per day...

If you're into such games, the Lincity clone has been around for some time now, too. And, as I found out yesterday, there's also Lincity-NG, which is a more recent clone with better (3D/isometric) graphics, sound, etc.

$ apt-get install lincity-ng

(run it as lincity-ng --sdl if you don't have 3D-accelerated drivers)

Have fun!


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3D/isometric does not always

3D/isometric does not always mean "better". I found SimCity much better than SimCity 2000, in large part *because* of SimCity 2000's isometric graphics and smaller tiles.

I prefer sim city 2000's

I prefer sim city 2000's graphics. But Lincity looks horribly ugly to me. I wish somebody would try to make a good open source game that looks and plays like sim city 2000 without lazy soul-less traced 3d graphics that seem to pollute open source building type games. Bring back pixel art.