Photo Friday and

Autumn Leaf
Five Buttons

I recently blogged about my crappy photoblog which I populate with pictures from my crappy digital still camera.

On friday I stumbled over Photo Friday (heh), a nice site which posts a photo assignment every friday. Everyone is invited to submit photos which interpret the given theme. People can then vote on the submissions and six of them are finally listed as "noteworthy".

This weeks challenge is "Five". I actually took a photo of five buttons in an elevator in order to submit it, but then decided that I like this image of a leave better.

Oh, and I'm now listed on, but unfortunately I entered the RSS feed of my photoblog there instead of just the URL. I registered with the site, claimed my photoblog and all, but I cannot change that #!&%* URL there. That has to be done manually by the admin(s) and even though I requested the change days ago (on the site and via email) there's still no response. Sigh...