- Listen to podcasts via telephone or cell phone is a nice service which offers podcasts via telephone. I received an email from them today which told me that someone had added my music podcast to their site (thanks anonymous stranger!).

This means that you can now listen to my podcast from your telephone or cell phone by dialing
(in Germany). I'm not sure if it works from outside of Germany, but you could try to call +49 931 663927 408. Please leave a comment and report whether it works or doesn't work.

There's quite a bunch of other podcasts available which you can listen to while in a train, on a bus, or while you're somewhere else without Internet access. This opens up some nice new possibilities...


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Phonecaster Test

I tried the phone number just now and it seems not to work. I try to connect and before I hear anything the call get's disconnected. Perhups because of the 09XX prefix? Dunno.


Very strange. It worked for me this afternoon and I just tried it again and it still works (0:40 CET). Maybe it was a temporary server glitch? Please try "0931 663927 408" again...


Ok ... I just tried again. It really works. Pretty cool thing. ;)

+49 931 663927 408 not working from Austria

Just tried to call +49 931 663927 408 from Austria. All that happens is -- nothing. (It sounds like the "other side" lifts the receiver, then there's no tone or anything, then the connection is cut.)

Phonecaster / Austria

Thanks for your comment! Please try again, maybe that was just a temporary server problem (see above).


I saw your reply a little *cough* late. Tried again -- and it works.
Funny stuff :-)