Yesterday I managed to

  • create the 1000th "node" (article) on my homepage/blog/podcast/photoblog at hermann-uwe.de (this includes blog posts, songs posted in the podcast, uploaded photos etc).
  • create a load of >= 1000 on my laptop. I'm not kidding you and this is no typo! The load was higher than 1000, more explanations about how I "achieved" this, maybe even with photos, will follow (screenshots won't work — at a load of 1000 you aren't left with enough CPU time to create screenshots)...


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rsync? :)

"We learned that the Linux load average rolls over at 1024. And we actually found this out empirically." -- H. Peter Anvin, about rsync on kernel.org

Interesting quote ;) But no,

Interesting quote ;) But no, it wasn't rsync...