One A110 mini-laptop with pre-installed Linux for 199.- plus Debian installation HOWTO

One Mini A110 subnotebook

OK, so I've spent my last money on the One Mini A110 subnotebook recently. Yep, yet another ASUS Eee PC clone, but this one has the great benefit of costing only 199.- Euros and has similar specs as the Eee PC 2G Surf (700), I think.

This is really a great little machine as far as I can tell. It's a VIA C7-M ULV 1GHz with 512MB DDR2 RAM and a 2 GB Solid-State-Disk (SSD), 7" screen at supposedly 800x480, VGA out, card reader slot for SD/MMC/MS, 2x USB, wireless, modem, audio. No webcam, no bluetooth.

Yesterday I created a wiki at (for the A110, but also the A120 from the same vendor, which has a 4 GB SSD), where A110 users can collect information, HOWTOs, photos, etc. There's already quite some content there, especially some early tutorials and photos on the inner workings of the A110.

Today I've installed a stock Debian unstable distro on the SSD with 2.6.25 kernel, and I'm currently checking which parts of the hardware work out of the box, and which need further fixing. There's a a bunch of source code tarballs and patches on the vendor website, but most of it seems to be meant for 2.6.22, we'll see if and/or how much work it'll take to merge all this upstream (if it's not already done)...

My Debian Installation HOWTO is also available from the wiki, of course; I'll add more info and photos during the day.

Now for all interested parties: The vendor of the A110 has (again) announced a special weekend offer (valid until Sunday, June 1, 2008, i.e. tomorrow) where they'll sell the A110 for 199,- Euros again, the regular price will be 229,- Euros after that. So if you're thinking about buying one, now is probably the right time.

Check the wiki for issues which are important to you, some quirks remain at this point (but will probably mostly be figured out sooner or later), e.g. the wifi seems to have issues (the vendor said they'll send a driver update to all affected customers), the RAM is builtin and can't be upgraded, and some other, more or less important issues, depending on what you expect from the laptop.

For real-time communication there's also the #a110 IRC channel on Freenode.


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I live in Denmark and would love one of these A110 laptops however refuse to ship outside Germany.
Anybody know where I can get one shipped to Denmark? now offers the A440 now offers the A440 for €299

- 10,2 inch display (1024x600)
- VIA C7®-M-ULV 1.6 GHz CPU
- 1024MB DDR2 RAM
- 80GB SATA hdd
- Wifi, cardreader, camera etc.
- Linux + OpenOffice preinstalled
- weight: 1,2 kg

Set phasers to drool.
Note: One also offers the A450 which has the same specs but comes with Windows XP and costs 50 euros more.

Soldered RAM ?

I am in fact looking for a sub-notebook (netbook). great to see your analysis of one A110. You have written that RAM cannot be upgraded ?

If I see in the _technik_ tab in webpage and look for "Speicher " it says: "Die Bandbreite reicht von kostengünstigen 256 MB bis zu 4096 MB für ambitionierte Profis" . I studied reasonable German (my PhD in Leipzig) may be I am wrong ?

What do you think ? Many thanks.

A110 RAM

I'm quite sure it's not upgradeable, sorry. See also the photos in the wiki. The text on their webpage is boilerplate cutnpaste stuff they use for all their laptops, I wouldn't trust it.

Note that other laptops may have upgradeable RAM, but I'm pretty sure the A110 does not.

That said, I haven't yet had the desire to upgrade it, so far everything I do works quite nicely with 256 MB RAM.



so hows the performance with this thing? the c7-m is supposed to be a pretty weak cpu, even when compared against the celeron that the asus eee uses.

A110 performance

It's quite good IMHO, but it depends on what you want to do with the laptop, of course. I was able to watch videos without interruptions, watch TV using DVB-T without hassles, compile stuff, etc. etc. It feels pretty responsive IMO.

See also the VIA Padlock HOWTO if you want to do crypto (OpenSSL, ssh/scp, OpenVPN, and others) there are dramatic speed-ups thanks to VIA Padlock.


Hi guys, bought that one but

Hi guys,

bought that one but with Windows XP, just a week ago.
The model is called One Mini A150.
I am still satisfied with this little subnotebook, since it is a normal computer, with only a small display. And so I can use it almost as good as a normal machine.

There are only a few shops where you can acquire this one in germany.

Either at directly or @