Nouveau - Free Software 3D acceleration for NVIDIA cards is making progress

Nice... the Nouveau project, which aims at creating Free Software drivers with accelerated 3D graphics for NVIDIA cards, is making some progress...

I'm looking forward to the day when I can replace "nv" with "nouveau" in my xorg.conf.

Update 2006-11-27: Yes, I know it's spelled "nouveau" (not "noveau"), which means "new" in French. Need more coffee ;-)

(via Pro-Linux News)


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pledge bank donation to suport the driver devs

quite a few people have signed a pledge to give $10 to the project.


s/noveau/nouveau/ (which means new).

Olivier; 7.3 (which is supposed 7.3 (which is supposed to land before the release of Ubuntu 7.10, aka Feisty+1) won't need any xorg.conf any more and hopefully NouVeau will have made some serious progress till then so you won't have to replace "nv" with "nouveau" :-P

BTW: it's NouVeau with an U, coming from the French nouveau which means new.


It's nouveau (new in french) not noveau ;)