My Photoblog

Green Leaves
Two Flowers

I have my own photoblog now. Visit for the photos or subscribe via RSS. All photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Bear in mind, I'm no professional photographer or something — I just happen to own a crappy 1.3 MegaPixel camera and take photos with it from time to time.

The photoblog is (again) implemented with/on my existing Drupal site by abusing the taxonomy system.

Comments are welcome.


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I don't believe you got them

I don't believe you got them from a 1.3 meg camera. Some of those pics have amazing clarity and balance. You are really good at

Canon A610

Oh, that part is no longer true, I'm now using a Canon A610 since quite a while....



I'm redoing my website, i've had it for years. I'm moving away from (cough) phpnuke (cough). Anyways, I have tons of pictures, and I take a lot. Hoever, I only keep a sample of them on my (now outdated) gallery. I had gallery 1.5, and upgraded to Gallery 2.0 + drupal 4.6.5 + gallery.module.

What I'm wondering, how did you do your photoblog? I saw the tagadelic reference, i tried it, but that's not what Imm looking for. I'd like to post a journal entry, and sometimes a photo with it easily. If people were to click on the link, it would take them to the full series photo album in gallery. Any ideas?

My photoblog

My photoblog is a bit of a hack. I use normal image nodes for the photos. I assign them a category ("photoblog") and I have aliased all posts/images in that category ("taxonomy/term/xx") to "". I also hacked the code to only show 2 nodes in that list (the first is the introduction node, the second is the most recent photo).

Have you tried the image_filter module?

HTH, Uwe.

I like the flower close up.

I like the flower close up.

Thanks :)

Thanks :)