My New Laptop (Toshiba Satellite A80-117)

Toshiba Satellite A80-117

This weekend my old laptop has died. Fortunately, the hard drive survived, so I still have all my data and I don't have to reinstall and restore from backups. I couldn't read or answer emails this weekend, as I lacked a computer and/or Internet. That's also the reason why I didn't post anything in my blog the last few days.

I got myself a new laptop now, a Toshiba Satellite A80-117. So far, I'm quite content with it, but I'm still on my way to get things to work. I'll write a small guide about how it went and post it here, soon.


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How much is it? (Euro, please) :-)


I am Spanish and I would like to know if it is cheaper in German than in Spain...

Is it possible to buy it in any internet site? Did you buy it in internet? If so, where?

I am sorry... I am trying to buy one and I like it.

1200 Euro

At the place where I bought it (a shop in Germany), it costs 1200 Euro at the moment. I didn't buy it via Internet, but I guess you could find some Internet-shop where it's cheaper...

HTH, Uwe.

I bought it in

I bought it in Canberra(Australia) with 512MB RAM, 60 GB HDD for AUD1760