My First Debian Bug Squashing Party

I participated in my first Debian Bug Squashing Party (BSP) this weekend (August, 5th - 7th). The goal of such (real or virtual) "parties" is to reduce the number of release-critical bugs in Debian. For more details, see Squashing Release-Critical Bugs in Debian: A Primer.

I fixed a few simple FTBFS (Fails To Build From Source) bugs (mostly by applying existing patches from the BTS) in xlife, mmv, xcal, and dansguardian (I messed up a bit with dansguardian, sorry).

It was mostly a lot of fun, and I can now proudly proclaim that I helped to get out the next stable release faster ;-)


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more messups

You also messed up xlife as I have an upload pending some spare time to find a interested sponsor. Now I have to redo that to acknowledge yours.

Would have been nice to ask me via mail or irc before doing this NMU and to kill two birds with one stone.



I'm sorry for causing you trouble. I didn't see any hint that you had an upload pending (the bugreport had no "pending" tag IIRC, and there was no such comment on this page), so I just uploaded the package.

I did announce that I was working on xlife on IRC (#debian-bugs). But anyways, the BSP annoucement clearly said "During the BSP we should use a 0-Day NMU policy again, that means uploads that fix RC bugs that are more than a week old can be uploaded directly", so I did just that.