LinuxBIOS at LinuxTag 2007

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If you're coming to LinuxTag 2007 in Berlin (May 30 - June 2), you might want to also visit the LinuxBIOS booth (Hall 12, Stand 80).

We will be showing a couple of different systems all using LinuxBIOS to boot. There is a boot time competition in the booth (nice T-shirts to win!).

On Saturday there's a hands-on LinuxBIOS workshop by Peter Stuge titled "Bring your EPIA, EPIA-M or EPIA-MII board and make it run LinuxBIOS!". Please register in advance at LinuxBIOS booth (Hall 12, Stand 80).

If you always wanted to know what this LinuxBIOS stuff is all about — here's your chance to find out!


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Do any boards exist (desktop

Do any boards exist (desktop or laptop) which can run LinuxBIOS and support an Intel processor? The LinuxBIOS site lists various supported boards, but I can't find a single one with which I could run an Intel processor.

I think the answer is yes, no or maybe.

LinuxBIOS supports an amazing range of CPUs, support chips and motherboards, if the changelogs are anything to go by. The website may or may not be so accurate - I've a suspicion it's not automatically generated from the lists in the code. The updates on Freshmeat are pulled from the individual changelogs, but it's not easy to find out what's supported that way. Only thing I can suggest is grabbing the code and looking to see what's listed.

LinuxBIOS support

No, the website is not automatically updated from anything (be it code or some other file), that would be useless anyway. The list of supported boards is very accurate usually, though.