Lawrence Lessig's free culture presentation

Nat Friedman (co-founder of Ximian) is surprised that many people have not yet watched Lawrence Lessig's great free culture presentation. He calls it the "most brilliant and important presentation I have ever seen". I fully agree.

I didn't know the presentation, but I'm watching and listening to it right now, while I'm typing these words. Lawrence Lessig manages to make it very clear that we're about to lose many of our freedoms (think DRM, DMCA, software patents, ...) if we don't do something against it. And we need to do it now!

At the very least we can support organizations which fight for the cause, e.g. the EFF.

(via Nat Friedman)


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recordable ?

This is really a fantastic presentation and very relevant
for all of us including the European nations.
Is it possible to make a local recording of this flash
presentation, e.g. in mpeg or pdf ?
Thank you,
Ulf Cihak,

You can download the

You can download the presentation from You could probably use something like SWFTOOLS to convert the flash, but I didn't try it...

HTH, Uwe.