iPod as RSS reader?

I noticed iFeedPod, which seems to be an RSS Reader for the iPod. It sounds like it syncs the feed items from your computer to the iPod for "offline" reading. I really like the idea, but the implementation is Mac-only and only free as in beer (not free as in speech) as far as I can tell.

Does anybody know of a similar software which runs on Linux and is Free Software? Do I have to implement it from scratch?


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i finally found a rss reader for ipod, in windows too

from the original site:
rss ipod

This is a tool to sync your ipod with your bloglines account. Run it and your bloglines RSS feeds will show up in a folder called 'RSS' under your 'Notes' folder.

mac rssipod.app.zip ( hint: unzip it first )
windoze rssipod.exe
jar rssipod.jar
source rssipod.tar.gz


Plug in your ipod, give you bloglines account information and your rss feeds will show up under RSS in the 'Notes' folder.

extending it

Extending this should be pretty simple, and I'll write more on this later...

rss reader

I have the same problem about needing an rss reader for my Ipod. I do not have a Mac