How to use the full size of your (x)term when connecting to some other box serially with minicom

minicom terminal size 1

Just as a reminder for myself, as I'll probably need this more often in the future (and maybe it's helpful for others):

Per default, if you use a big xterm (232x74 in my case) where you start minicom, the $COLUMNS and $LINES environment variables will be 80x24 nevertheless, and those applications which honor them (vim, for example) will be too small and not use the full xterm size of 232x74.

  $ minicom
  $ echo $COLUMNS; echo $LINES

minicom terminal size 2

You can fix that like this:

  $ eval `resize`
  $ echo $COLUMNS; echo $LINES

After you do eval `resize` the variables are updated and vim will use the full xterm size. That's all.


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Serial Consoles are different

This is probably because serial consoles are normally standardised
to 80x24 VT100 compatible. You should just use ssh if you need more.

I'm sure he would

I'm sure if ssh was an option he would: minicom implies serial access and nobody would choose to use that unless they had to.

Put `shopt -s checkwinsize`

Put `shopt -s checkwinsize` and your .bashrc, and you will get resize automically.

thankyou thankyou thankyou

That always drove me nuts and now it doesn't anymore. Thanks