How to find copies or modified versions of your photos online, e.g. using TinEye


I found out about TinEye a few minutes ago. It's a nice little search engine which allows you to find exact copies of a photo or even similar versions of it. You can either upload an image for comparison with their database, or point TinEye to a URL of the image you want to check.

For instance, checkout this this search for my unreasonably popular "Sugar" photo. Or have a look at this list of sample searches.

The site is also used in Wikipedia for detecting the original source of uploaded images.

I know there is some other website which also allows similarity search of images, but I just can't remember the URL. Please leave a comment if you know of other such sites, thanks!


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Didnt realise this kind of search existed. Thats pretty impressive actually and very useful for copyright infringement etc

Image Source and Similar Images

Even Google Similar Image Search provides a way to Find Similar Images in Google. TinEye is an excellent service. Found a useful link. Sharing below.

cool tool

what a nifty little tool.. how do you think the search works? and what actions did you take to prevent people from using your licensed photos?

Licensed photos

Well, I don't, as all my photos are Creative Commons licensed and I actually encourage everyone to use them freely.


I was going to say the same thing as Simon - Google have a new image search in beta at the moment which does a similar thing to TinEye, which incidentally is a really cool little search. Especially with the growing accessibility of digital cameras and the like, images are going to grow and grow on the web. Combined with services like FlickR I think image searches will become huge. Time will tell whether Google ddominates or TinEye can take a big step in eating at the Big G's market!


I've been paranoid for a

I've been paranoid for a long time that some one might be using my pic for some "scandals' in the net, which are very popular nowadays...thanks with this new tool, TinEye, I can rest my worries.

I had the same problem

I had some of my pictures "taken" last year they were modified and then used to sell someone else's product. this products would have helped. is another is another service ostensibly doing a similar thing. I haven't used them myself, but found them as they have links to Creative Commons.

Nevertheless tinEye is a

Nevertheless tinEye is a nice little tool wich works very well.


Google Labs similar image search finds another couple that TinEye misses, but TinEye are clearly doing better than Google at the moment. I suspect Google just have less images in their similar search system whilst it is still in the lab.

I really prefer TinEye, its

I really prefer TinEye, its simple and efficient.