Google Earth

OK, I heard lots and lots of stuff about Google Earth so far. Yesterday, I actually installed it on some not-so-free-OS box and gave it a try. Two things are floating on my mind now:

  1. w00t!
  2. This is the scariest shit one can imagine!

I "browsed" different parts of the world and got more and more fascinated... and scared. For instance you can see the Statue of Liberty, and if you zoom in enough, you see people walking around on liberty island! Nice on the one hand, major security and privacy problem on the other hand.

There are loads of interesting ways to use Google Earth, e.g. over at Google Earth Hacks. I'm afraid most of my spare time during the next few days has just crumbled to dust... Now, if they would only port it to Linux, that'd be really nice...


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Check ... They say that it is as good as Google Earth. I'm using only debian so I haven't tried it yet.

Google maps, earth whatever it is truly something extraordinary. To go in a few seconds on the other side of the earth is fcking amazing :)

Nasa Worldwind

Hi, thanks for the link, will check that out soon...


Living in Denmark, this is

Living in Denmark, this is less than spectacular unless you happen to live in Copenhagen or near an airport (which I don't) - I live in a square-kilometre of grey, it seems. The program is nice and all - the maps just aren't, really. I know for a fact that there are aerial photographs of all of Denmark, so I guess it's only a matter of time until Google aquires the right to use those.


I agree, not all parts of the world are covered equally well, but I'm pretty sure this will improve. There's already an extension which includes current post-Katrina maps of New Orleans, for example...

google earth and map.

Is there a public API for google earth and map? If so, my guess is that Google expects an open source developer to develop a opengl client for unix.

For Google Maps there is an

For Google Maps there is an API, I think, I'm not sure about Google Earth. I asked myself why they implemented it Windows-only in the first place, but that's probably not their fault, they bought the software from Keyhole. They are obviously working on Mac version, I hope they introduce a proper OS abstraction layer while they're at it. Adding Linux support shouldn't be too hard, then...