GEOLOC: Yet another world map [Update]

Just to keep you updated: I installed a small GEOLOC world map image on the right-hand side, yesterday.

It's similar to the Hitmap, which I installed before, but also differentiates between users which are currently visiting the site ("online" users), which are shown as green points, and those who have visited the site in the past but are not currently online (the red points).

The service in its basic version is free, but if you are willing to pay for it you can have more features, e.g. detailed statistics, higher resolution maps and - probably the prettiest feature - a Flash-based map, with the online users shown as "blinking" dots (have a look at an example).

All in all pretty nice eye-candy, if you ask me.

Update: Hm, lots of people on the web seem to have the Flash version. I wonder if they really all pay for that, or if you can have that in the free version, too...


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I tried Geoloc too, and I think it's really neat, but somehow I can't subscribe (the options for that are just NOT THERE), and the webmaster won't reply, so I'm a little pissed off right now. Do you know of any other similar maps (not Hitmap, it sucks!). Thanx.

geo-loc map

I too tried over and over to get 'into' the map, to subscribe, but becasue its all in french (it also used to have an english translation, but only for certain parts) I was getting very frustrated too. AND the webmaster doesnt reply, grrrrrr!

Anyway, finally got it going (god I am so stubborn!) and love it now. hugs


Yes, i'm a french user and i confirm geo-loc are for little site et a nice swindle program.
Webmaster of geo-loc dont reply: its a f nice person tacke money and give nothing explanes.

Nope, sorry.

Nope, sorry, I don't know any other. But please let me know if you find a similar map, I'd be interested, too.



I have signed up for Geo-loc's geographical location map. I have to get help with the design of the map, so the width will fit the right column (Globalization category) on my blog. Read Neville Hobson's post, Mapping visitors, and Uwe Hermann's post,...

where do i get a code or can

where do i get a code or can i sign in for that.??

Down?, but the site seems to be down since quite a long time...



GEOLOC SUX!! They deliberately do it that way to snub off people who might be interested so they can take that little nonsense to the rubbish bin IMO>