Genie 1693 PDA - what can I do with it?

Genie 1693 PDA

I'm rich! I won the lottery this weekend! I won 8.70 Euros in total... Of course I went out to spend the huge amounts of money I now possess on some ultimately useless gadget.

I got myself a Genie 1693 PDA thing. Which costs 13 Euros. Next time I'll have to win more money ;)

Anyways, the gadget has 384 KB of memory, a touchscreen, and a serial cable to connect it to a computer. Let's see if I can come up with something interesting to do with this thing (suggestions welcome). I was thinking in the direction of putting my own software on it (I don't think that'll work) or reverse engineering the communication protocol or whatever comes to my mind when I'm bored...


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schau hier, dann gehts besser <- neuer pclink datensatz

PC-link bug

If i will resolve this problem i will be able to write program which can connect to Genie 1693.

Good logs

I have downloaded your logs ,At first PC-Link program is getting the status of COM1 ,when you press TX? enter PDA send to COM1 the record and PC-Link start to read it.
I want to monitor this process on my PC ,but PC-Link program doesnot
import records.

software instal for Genie

software instal for Genie 1693 pda.

Problem with Genie 1693

I have Genie 1693. It work ,but the PC-Link program cannot import records form it. What is a problem?


I am just wondering, if it makes sense to reverse engineer the protocol or put software onto it. In my oppinion it makes sense to work onto that pen. The description on
says: "[...] innovativer 2 Farb-Kugelschreiber, Druckbleistift und PDA-Spitze in Einem" looks like the *real* technical innovation... :-P

Genie 1693

Hm, the image on their website shows another pen than mine, it's not a "Kugelschreiber", I can't write with it... I'll probably examine that more later.

Genie 1693 abuse

You could use the "Genie" as an external display- showing sysstats- For casemods or something. Or as a cable-remote with touch pad like mouse replacement. I dont know anything about the serial protocol, but using it to real-time-link the hardware to a pc would be interesting. I wanted to do this with my old Palm III, but never had the time--

Fun with Genie 1693

Yeah, that's a nice idea... Depending on the protocol (I haven't looked at it yet), you might be able to use it as an external LCD display or as an input device... I'll definately check that out as soon as I get around to it and post any results here...

Thanks, Uwe.

GENIE 1693 first look at the protocol

I just had a first look at the protocol.
If someone is interested, here are two logfiles:

sending to 1693

receiving from 1693

Files were recorded with PortMonNT on a XP-box.
They became quite large.

Maybe we can turn this one into a useful gadget.

GENIE 1693

I now own one myself (I got it as a "present" :)