Encrypted SMS Solutions?

Dear Lazyweb,

I was recently thinking about SMS encryption (you know, the short messages sent from your cell phone). Or MMS encryption for that matter. Are there any Free Software solutions to implement such a thing, based on well-known crypto primitives and proven implementations thereof?

From a quick glance I could not find anything usable, only lots of commercial, closed-source "solutions" which cost money and are basically crap.

I was thinking about hacking together a small Java application (so that most modern phones can run it) which basically asks for a password and pipes your text through AES before sending the SMS. On the receiver's side, you enter the same password and get to see the plaintext. That's pretty much it.

If you want something more elaborate you can use public-key crypto (basically embed GnuPG or similar into the application), but the above should be fine for most uses.

Anyways, I do not want to start implementing something like this if there are other, more mature projects out there which do the same...

Why you'd want to do this (other than simple paranoia, or the fact that governments and other institutions are spying on everyone these days, whether they're allowed to or not)? Well, one good reason for SMS encryption is when you're using some kind of SMS gateways, e.g. a website which gives you 2-3 free SMS per month if you sign up with them and give them tons of personal data. That alone is crappy enough, but you don't want their admins to be able to read and store all your SMSes in addition (which consist of simple plain-text, transmitted though HTTP in this case!). Neither should any local or remote scriptkiddy who knows how to use a sniffer be able to read your private SMSes.

Solution: Write the text in your favorite text editor, pipe it through aespipe (for example), cut'n'paste the result in the web form of the SMS service. The receiver does everthing backwards and you're done.


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I have tryed SlySMS now and i can say its not realeble!!

I tryed with simple notes and send to a frind and when he tryed to open it was enough with halv of the password for the SlySMS to open the sms correctly that i send to him!



We've just released our encrypted SMS client for iPhone, SlySMS which allows sending and receiving of AES 128 bit encrypted SMS messages.

SlySMS features a simple interface and tight integration with the native SMS client (just tap the encrypted SMS to launch the app).

SlySMS is currently available for free on the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slysms/id418793255?mt=8&ls=1

encrypt SMS and email on iphone

There is a new app: ENCODE IT
Protected by password, send and receive encrypted email or SMS on your iPhone

SMS Encryption

I am with a Mobile Application Service Provider and SMS Aggregator Anchor Mobile we have recently began representing a Secure SMS Client for medical and military use that involves 256 bit encryption SMS up to 5000 characters sent from downloaded mobile client to other mobile clients within the circle of trust. They feature remote wipe, timed delete and other robust security measures.

SMS Encryption

There is a program for the iPhone that I have been using and is quite good, and is called SMS Encryption (which funnily enough, made it easy to find)

It allows you store frequently used codes,
so you can either store them, then tell the person which encryption key you have used, by what you have saved previously, then you can tell them in the message, which isn't telling anyone else what the actual encryption key is.

The cut and copy can be annoying, so I just email most of the time as it just puts it into the message for you.

Open Source SMS encryption

I have just released the first version of my Open Source GSM telephony software, which comes with a complete, native graphical environment for smartphones:

It features a very early attempt at implementing SMS encryption. The current algorithm is nowhere as strong as it should be, but it can be freely modified to match specific requirements. Do not hesitate to contact me personally in this regard.

encrypted sms

i'm using securecell from gomycell.com and the best part is it includes support for long texting over 2000 characters, remote delete and support for the widest range of phones i've come across. i know that comes in handy with my group of friends!

Re: SMS Encryption

As consern of SMS AES is piece of crap coz they do size increasment by factor of about 3. SMS is limited to 160 characters, and as only option I see solutions based on XXTea algorithm. Does someone plan to do something for Windooze Mobile? Keep me informed :D

Great idea! Did you find anything?

Hi there!

We are looking for the same thing. Did you find anything or ever started your application?


I found wmkits sms encryption tool

I found this program called WMkits SMS Encryption can encrypt and hide the SMS messages (including existing SMS messages and future incoming/outgoing SMS messages) on windows mobile device. Just try it lol.

Encrypted sms

Hi Hermann,

I'am driving a small PC-Service company. There is nothing I don't try to archive for my customers. Last month a customer of mine asked me if I know a good program that is able to encrypt SMS messages and send them out to the receiver that can decrypt the SMS in order to read the plain text. I haved googled around a while and found CryptoSMS (www.rmw-it.com) that seams to offer a reliable encryption. My customer asked me if I could manage to get a demoversion and install it on his mobile phone and the mobile of his friend . Me customer was very satisfied with the program. The manufacture of the program offers us a special price for two licenses so it was very affordable to buy the software.


XMS better site

sorry view this website its more direct www.xecure.net

There is another one called XMS

There is another sms encryption product called XMS (Xecure messaging service) which i think is by far the best encryption sms product out there right now. Go check it out and let me know what you think! @ www.nsswebstore.com or www.mynetsec.com or www.privatexms.com.



I bought http://www.rmw-it.com/products.html
for one of my customers. The installation on his mobile phone was easy and the program seam to work.

Regards Peter

just seen another one called

just seen another one called SMS Salama here


CryptoGraf for Encrypted SMS

CryptoGraf have a free download app allowing people to exchange public keys in a secure manner.

It works on Symbian smartphones.

Announce of initial code release of cryptosms.org

Announce of initial code release of cryptosms.org

Yesterday, the initial developer team of cryptosms.org released the first working code of their project.
You find it at https://codecoop.org/projects/cryptosms/

It is a J2ME-Midlet that runs on a lot of phones and provides public/private key encryption for sms.
The crypto stuff is realised through elliptic curve encryption schemes (ecies) libs from bouncycastle.org
This version of cryptosms.org already includes:

generating of keypairs
encrypt and decrypt of messages
sms functionality
memory delete
key list
i18n (so far included languages are english and german)

things to come soon:
symmetric encrypted record store for keys, messages etc.
more than one receiver per sms

we plan our first release end of april and are looking for
beta-testers, people helping with i18n - writing spanish, italian, ... keywords (a very non-tech task), developers (especially who have skills in gui design for mobiles), people who know how to automatically build for different plattforms, and people writing documention, both for users and developers.

if you want to participate, please write to interest@cryptosms.org,
our public key is on our website at cryptosms.org. here you also find all mailinglists.

11.04.2007 cryptosms.org

I'd love it. There are two

I'd love it. There are two implementations which allow for encrypting and decrypting using AES, namely Silicon Valley's "Fortress SMS" and CircleTech's "SMS 007" (I may have missed others), but those are proprietary software and thus not usable for this purpose.

So, please give it a go, Uwe or LazyWeb, but preferrably Uwe.

There is another one

Hi, I need sms encryption also.
I found a program called "mobecode", you can test it as trial for 14 days, it works quite ok. I tryed to send sms between my 2 phones.
But its best if you have a phone that can copy/paste, so you can paste the encryption and decode it, or else you have to write all letters manually, witch is timeconsuming.
Very nice though

cryptosms is free for political activists

triple strength encryption is just what we need here in Indonesia while we struggle for freedom agsinst an oppresive goverment. free licenses for pro quality secure text has been a blessing. thank you cryptosms

another sms encryption product call Xms

there is another sms encryption product which i highly think is the best out there from what i've been reading lately. Its call Xecure messaging Service (XMS). CHeck it out at www.nsswebstore.com or www.mynetsec.com

i ma able to send encrypted

i ma able to send encrypted sms.mms to anyone from anywhere by using any multimedia mobile